Wpc joan walker
Occupation Police officer
First appearance 6th January 1986
Last appearance 15th March 1989
Number of appearances 2
Played by Joan Walker

The Policewoman called at The Kabin to inform papergirl Jenny Bradley that her mother Pat had been hit by a car and died in Albert Road in January 1986. She first told the news to Mavis Riley, who stopped Jenny when she came into the shop and let the policewoman lead her up to the flat to break the news to her privately. Afterwards, the officer took Jenny to her aunt's house in Clegg Street.

The policewoman had another encounter with Jenny three years later when she was one of two officers on the scene after Alan Bradley's assault on Rita Fairclough at 7 Coronation Street. Alan had fled when Jenny and Martin Platt walked in on him trying to throttle Rita. Jenny wanted to go into the ambulance with Rita, but the policewoman made her wait behind and took her and Martin into the house to question them.

Credited as "WPC" in Episode 2584.

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