Pop Group
First appearance 27th June 1973
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sticky George

When Glyn Thomas was given the post of the Rovers relief manager in June 1973 to enable Annie Walker to have a prolonged absence, he made several changes to the running of the establishment, most of which did not go down well with either the staff or the customers. One of these was to get a Pop Group to play in the Select in the hope of bringing in a younger clientele. Albert Tatlock and Ken Barlow saw them arriving and taking their instruments in and were not pleased when the tuning up was carried out at full blast on the amplifiers.

Albert made a complaint to Len Fairclough in his capacity as a local councillor and he visited the pub where he heard the group in their full throe,s even from the public, and was further unimpressed when he saw some of the long-haired, somewhat hippyish youths who came to the pub to hear the act. He made it quite clear to Glyn that the music licence for the Rovers might not be renewed and Glyn backed down in insisting that the group should be allowed to play, saying that anything was worth trying once.

The group, only briefly seen on screen as they went into the Select, were an actual group from Liverpool named Sticky George.

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