The Porter worked at the Ladybird Children's Hospital where Hope Stape was a patient for cancer. A man with a good way with children, he came to wheel Hope to the theatre for her latest treatment, telling her that she had a pretty name and allowing Fiz Stape to go with her daughter.

Someone on edge that day was Tyrone Dobbs who was under tremendous pressure having racked up bills of some £10,000 trying to give Hope the best Christmas possible. It was the simple matter of a lost coin in a vending machine which broke his composure and he started to take his temper out on the porter. The man himself decided to follow the hospital policy of zero tolerance and rang security as an astonished Fiz tried to reason with Tyrone and Roy Cropper stepped forward as the voice of reason, pointing out that Tyrone was worried for his little girl who was on the operating table at that moment. The porter put down the phone and forgot the incident.