Postman 5332
First appearance 4th September 2002
Number of appearances 1
Played by Darren Southworth

The hapless Postman delivered some items of mail to 9 Coronation Street only to be confronted by an irate Vera Duckworth who pointed out that her house was now named "The Old Rectory" and she had told Norris Cole of the local post office in The Kabin of this change. The Postman tried to be helpful and suggested that Vera send out cards with the address change to anyone who might write to her and, informed that it would be expensive, suggested that they use one of the card-making machines in the precinct to do the job. A well-meaning Tyrone Dobbs assigned Kirk Sutherland to carry out the task, only for a batch of cards to be produced which announced the occupants of the house as being "Vera & Jock Duckwort".

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