Postman 2494
First appearance 25th February 1985
Last appearance 21st December 1987
Number of appearances 2
Played by Nev Goodwyn

The unnamed Postman made two special deliveries to residents of Coronation Street: in February 1985 he made Mavis Riley sign for a registered letter from Modern Bride magazine which told her she had won a second honeymoon, the problem being that she hadn't been on a first one as she and Derek Wilton had jilted each other a few months before.

In December 1987 he delivered an oversized Christmas card to Hilda Ogden from Eddie and Marion Yeats. Hilda had shrunk from contact with the outside world following an attack on her and Mrs Lowther in which the latter had died. She would only open the door a couple of inches and with the chain on which led the Postman to enquire if she was alright.

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