Prem Mandal first appeared upon meeting Dev Alahan and Vernon Tomlin at Greenside Golf Club. Prem, who ran a successful floor-cleaning business, remembered Dev from Weatherfield Traders' Association. Prem took Dev under his wing, as he said Dev reminded him of a younger version of himself. Dev was invited to dinner with Prem and his wife Nina. Immediately afterwards, Nina started an affair with Dev behind Prem's back.

In October 2008, he consented to Dev going out with his daughter Tara as he saw Dev as a man of integrity and honour. Prem was disgusted when Dev revealed his affair with Nina to him, he forced him out of his house and vowed to have nothing more to do with him, ending his relationship with Tara, but agreed not to tell her why they had to end.

Prem was played by Madhav Sharma, who had played Dev's father, Ranjiv Alahan, for three episodes in 2004.

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