Prison Officer 7336
Prison Officer
First appearance 10th May 2010
Last appearance 10th May 2010
Number of appearances 2
Played by Fiona Wass

The unnamed Prison Officer escorted Tracy Barlow from her confinement in Redford Prison to attend the funeral service of her grandmother Blanche Hunt in May 2010. Grim and unsmiling, she was under no illusions about the nature of her charge, being witness to an exchange between Tracy and Audrey Roberts when the former offered her help and sympathy for Gail McIntyre being remanded in custody for the murder of husband Joe and being told by Audrey to keep her poison away from her, the Officer duly remarked to Tracy, "She's got your number."

She sat in the same pew as the Barlow family, handcuffed to Tracy throughout the service. Tracy was furious to see the way in which daughter Amy clung to stepmother Becky McDonald and on the way to the graveside launched an attack on her for trying to take her off her. The Officer called for help and was quickly joined by two male colleagues who dragged a screaming Tracy off to the waiting van.

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