Private Detective (2007 character)
Private Detective
First appearance 3rd September 2007
Last appearance 10th September 2007
Number of appearances 2
Played by Ged Simmons

It was following the funeral of her Aunty Monica that Hayley Cropper discovered that she had a son who would now be in his twenties. Torn, Hayley wanted to trace him but didn't want to hurt her husband Roy. Friend and employee Becky Granger suggested that Hayley should hire a Private Investigator.

The initial meeting was set up at Roy's Rolls, since Roy was away at the wholesalers. Hayley reluctantly handed the Private Investigator a piece of paper, and sheepishly explained that she was trying to find her son - as she believed she was the young man's father. After paying the Private Investigator £300, he went away saying that he'd be back in touch.

The Private Detective duly returned a few days later and met up with Hayley in the Rovers. In possession of an envelope with documents, addresses and a photograph he affirmed that he was 99.99% sure that Hayley was the father as all the information and dates tallied. Explaining that she had the option of forgetting all about it or opening the envelope but there would be no going back, Hayley chose the latter. The Private Detective handed her the information, wished her luck and told her that she would be welcome to contact him should she require his services again.

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