The unnamed Private Investigator was hired by Tony Gordon to find out as much about Luke Strong as possible in March 2009. Upon meeting with him, Tony doubted his discretion, but the investigator made it clear that he would get results. Tony told him to focus on discovering Luke's strengths and weaknesses. Several weeks later in April, he reported to Tony that Luke was a friend of Paul Connor's, the deceased husband of Tony's estranged wife Carla, but that he had never met Carla. He also informed that Luke was largely in debt having took out a huge loan to buy Carla's share of Underworld. Tony later sent the PI to track Luke's movements, however under the guise of Tony, Luke threw eggs at his car before speeding off. His cover was blown when a mask-less Luke reappeared and waved at him. Subsequently, Tony refused to pay him but he threatened to take legal action. Despite this, they met up again to look over Luke's finances, Tony intending to find something that would ruin his business partner.

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