Project Manager (Episode 7135)
Project Manager
Occupation Builder
First appearance 6th August 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Karl Stimpson

The unnamed Project Manager oversaw the development of Red Square Apartments. Formerly a warehouse, the building was being converted into nineteen luxury apartments. With Len Windass heading-up the project, he enlisted (by means of extortion) the expertise of Joe McIntyre as a kitchen-fitter.

After suffering a slipped disc in his back which led to a subsequent addiction to painkillers, Joe proved to be rather unreliable and when he eventually turned up one morning in August 2009, the project manager explained that he'd called in another fitter and was throwing Joe off the job. Despite Joe's pleading, the project manager told him that he'd get paid for any materials that he'd purchased but insisted that he packed up his belongings and left the site.

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