The Prosecution Barrister served as the prosecution at Tyrone Dobbs's trial in March 2013 on charges of ABH against his girlfriend Kirsty Soames. In truth, she had been the abuser of him for many months and had fabricated the allegation against him after she had discovered that his friendship with Fiz Stape, who he had gone to for a shoulder to cry on, had turned into an affair.

In her opening statement, she told the jury not to be taken in by the affable "grease monkey" act and that Tyrone was a calculating man who fooled Kirsty and only wanted parental rights over their daughter Ruby.

One witness she questioned was Deirdre Barlow about events she witnessed on 6th August 2012 when she was walking Eccles past the back yard of 9 Coronation Street and overheard a row between Kirsty and Tyrone when he shouted at her, "I should knock you across the yard" followed by a crash. Deirdre saw Kirsty on the floor and fetched Matt Carter to see to her. Deirdre unwittingly twisted the knife in by telling the court how Kirsty had "revealed" to them all how Tyrone had been assaulting her for months, after the news came out about his affair with Fiz.

The main prosecution witness was Kirsty herself who put on a good show in the court, using her offences against him as the basis for her stories about his supposed attacks on her. This caused Tyrone to call out the truth from the dock but the Judge shouted him down.

Matt Carter was the next witness who testified to what he saw on 6th August and that two weeks after Ruby was born, Tyrone brought her in, claiming she might have been hurt when her pram collapsed (in reality, Kirsty had had a violent rampage in the house when left alone with the baby and Tyrone was fearful she had injured the baby).

In her cross-examination of Tyrone, she drew out of him the fact that he began his affair with Fiz five weeks before his wedding to Kirsty and deceived his fiancée into the bargain, painting events in the worst possible light in the jury's eyes.

Tina McIntyre was the next to be questioned when there was a dramatic interjection: Kirsty burst into the court with Ruby, admitting the truth of Tyrone's story and saying that she didn't trust herself not to hurt Ruby. The jury were asked to leave the court and Tyrone was put back in the cells while the CPS investigated the matter. Once the case resumed, the crown dropped the case, the jury were discharged and Tyrone was free to go.

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