Pub customer 2165
Pub Customer
First appearance 30th December 1981
Number of appearances 1
Played by Charles Haggith

When Annie Walker introduced a 5.30pm to 6.30pm "Cocktail Hour" (feeling that the term "Happy Hour" had no class) in December 1981, the initiative was hugely successful. With beer reduced by 10p and spirits at half-price, the male regulars happily imbibed for the hour and forgot their reserve so much at the end of the period that they happily continued drinking large quantities for the rest of the night - now at full price. Annie was equally delighted at the scheme's success with only Fred Gee and Bet Lynch unhappy with the increased workload, although even Bet had to admit that she had been worried when takings were sharply down previously.

However the Pub Customer put an end to Mrs Walker's smugness when, in slurred words, he told the other regulars that Nellie Harvey had started a similar scheme at 6.30pm when "the Happy Donkey has a laughing hour". Once the menfolk had deciphered what he meant, the Rovers quickly emptied on the half-hour and Annie's profits dropped again. She quickly abandoned the scheme.

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