Punter 8663
First appearance 17th June 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Ciaran Clancy

The Punter was a customer at V Court Fitness who on 2nd December 2014 had signed up for a six month membership and who argued vehemently when it expired that he had paid for twelve months. He had not brought his membership card with him to prove the term and Sharif Nazir, dealing with him on reception, told him that document would be needed. Sharif and his grandson Zeedan had taken over management of the gym from the recently deceased Kal and were still grieving for their son and father. The punter had a high sense of self-entitlement and exaggerated any offence caused to him, insisting that Sharif had called him a liar and that he apologise. The two men offered the punter free use of the gym on this occasion but demanded that he returned with his card in the future. At the end of the discussion, Sharif suddenly collapsed with the strain and as his family tended to him, Gary Windass insisted that the lad left.

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