Punter 8697
First appearance 31st July 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Victoria Scowcroft

The Punter was a rude customer who walked into the Street Cars office with a bad attitude and who demanded a taxi to Manchester Airport, "if you can spare the time." She objected to Lloyd Mullaney calling her "love" and refused to take a seat to wait for a driving, saying that Michael Rodwell could take her. Eileen Grimshaw was flabbergasted by her rudeness and started to answer back in her own inimitable way. To avoid a meltdown, Lloyd took her to the airport where she refused to pay her fare, claiming that Lloyd had taken her a long way round and refused to believe his claim that the dual carriageway was up for roadworks. When he reported this back to the cab office, Eileen overcame her scruples and pocketed a bracelet that the woman had dropped on the floor, much to the disgust of the essentially-honest Michael.

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