The Quarryman's Rest was a Weatherfield pub located near the cemetery. At one time, it was a popular watering hole for workmen at the local quarry (hence the name) but by 1990 the quarry was disused, and the Quarryman's empty and dilapidated. It was known throughout the town for its dinginess and chronic depressive drinkers who had been barred from everywhere else.

In June of that year, Alec and Bet Gilroy were offered the tenancy of the Quarryman's Rest by Newton & Ridley if they didn't want to remain at the Rovers Return when it was turned into the "Yankees" theme pub. The mere mention of the pub's name chilled the Gilroys' souls, although they did briefly consider the idea, with Bet suggesting they could do it up. She was immediately put off the idea when Alec told her it was notoriously haunted by the ghost of a dead quarryman who was killed in an accident, his body never recovered. The Gilroys decided instead to make a stand against the brewery by closing the Rovers and drumming up support from the regulars and local media.

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