Rachel Forbes
Rachel Forbes
Occupation Property agent
First appearance 4th August 1997
Last appearance 6th March 1998
Number of appearances 13
Played by Lisa Shingler

Rachel Forbes was employed by Marshall Loveday, the management agency who were overseeing the Shaw Street flats renovation project on behalf of the developer, Mr Slater. She contacted Steve McDonald to do the building work there.

Rachel fell for Steve's charms when he disclosed to her that he used to be married and that his ex-wife spent beyond their means and he was left to start over again. After meeting Fiona Middleton and guessing that she also had been romantically involved with Steve, Rachel was wary and told him that he had to choose between them. Rachel decided to finish with Steve, cleared his work and paid him for the job, however the pair rekindled their relationship for a while, against the advice of Steve's father Jim. They babysat Fiona's son Morgan on one occasion.

List of appearancesEdit



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