Raveena Bhatia
Raveena Bhatia
Spouse(s) Harish Bhatia
First appearance 29th June 2012
Last appearance 16th November 2012
Number of appearances 4
Played by Josephine Lloyd-Welcome

Raveena Bhatia was Marcus Dent's boss at the Weatherfield General.

When Marcus's boyfriend Sean Tully turned up at the hospital while Marcus was working, convinced that Marcus had cheated on him with colleague Aiden Lester, he made a scene, throwing insults and accusations at Marcus and Aiden. Raveena then called Marcus into her office, wanting an explanation for the situation. Marcus promised Raveena that it wouldn't happen again.

Raveena turned up at the Bistro with her husband Harish while Marcus was also dining there, panicking him because he was now in a relationship with Maria Connor and was hesitant to explain to his boss that he was with a woman. However, much to Maria's annoyance, he maintained to Raveena that Maria was just a good friend.

List of appearancesEdit


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