Ray Dunbobbin (31st March 1931 - August 1998) wrote 3 episodes of Coronation Street between August 1962 and February 1963.

Born in Canada, he moved to Liverpool as a child and gained his first acting role as a double for Sam Kydd. As well as writing for Z Cars, he acted throughout the 1970s and 1980s appearing in such television shows as Doctor Who, The Good Life, The Liver Birds in the regular role of Mr Boswell, Emmerdale Farm and Brookside where he appeared for several years as Ralph Hardwicke. In this second career he also appeared three times in Coronation Street in 1970 however the only credited part was that of Charlie Clarke in July. He had also appeared in February in the uncredited and non-speaking role of Ted although it is possible that this was meant to be the same role as Charlie Clarke as they were both henchmen of Willie Piggott. In between these two appearances he appeared as an uncredited reporter in April.

He is one of seven people to have both written for and appeared on the programme - the others being Alick Hayes, Alan Downer, S. Keith James, Stephen Mallatratt, Bob Mason and Martyn Hesford.

Episodes written by Ray. H DunbobbinEdit

1962 (2 episodes)

1963 (1 episode)

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