Receptionist 2940
Occupation Newton & Ridley receptionist
First appearance 31st May 1989
Number of appearances 1
Played by Kathryn George

The Receptionist directed Jack Duckworth to Nigel Ridley's office at Newton & Ridley when Jack called at the brewery to inform him that Bet Gilroy had left Alec in May 1989. Jack was hoping that the brewery would remove the Gilroys from the Rovers and consider him as a possible replacement due to his four years service as cellarman.

On meeting the attractive receptionist, Jack tried to flirt with her by suggesting that she should have been a model, but the woman cut him down immediately by saying she wouldn't be a model if they paid her. However, as Jack went off to follow the given directions to Nigel Ridley's office, the receptionist threw him an aside, telling him playfully that she was a judo black belt.

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