Receptionist (Episode 5718)
Occupation Hotel receptionist
First appearance 22nd March 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jo Pridding

The Receptionist was manning the checking-in desk at the upmarket hotel in Chester where Ashley Peacock and Claire Casey stayed for a brief period during March 2004.

Having made arrangements for Doreen Heavey to look after infant Joshua Peacock, Ashley and Claire went shopping in the city beforehand and Claire was suitably impressed upon learning that the four star establishment boasted a swimming pool.

Overhearing Claire telling Ashley that she hadn't packed a swimming costume, the Receptionist informed them that such items could be purchased downstairs and, booked the couple in to room 305 once Ashley had finished signing the paperwork. Declining her offer of help with their luggage, the couple headed upstairs to their room.

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