Receptionist (Episode 6659-60)
First appearance 8th October 2007
Last appearance 8th October 2007
Number of appearances 2
Played by Lorraine Sass

The unnamed Receptionist worked at DJ Forbes Solicitors, the company instructed to handle the estate of the late Frank Nichols. When Cilla Battersby-Brown arrived dressed up to the nines and full of airs and graces at the offices in October 2007 for the will-reading, the receptionist politely invited Cilla to sit and wait until Mr Whittaker was ready to see her. After leafing through a glossy magazine, an impatient Cilla asked the receptionist to find out how much longer she was expected to wait.

Once inside Mr Whittaker's office, Cilla received the news that she was only entitled to £500 from Mr Nichols' estate. The receptionist knocked on the solicitor's door to inform him that there was "another one" waiting. As a disappointed Cilla left the office and clocked the woman sat in the reception area dressed up in similar attire, she advised her not to get her hopes up as there was another coach load due to arrive.

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