Receptionist 8839
First appearance 15th February 2016
Number of appearances 1
Played by Yemisi Oyinloye

The Receptionist worked at The Victoria Hotel where Robert Preston had secretly booked a Valentine's suite for him and Tracy Barlow and, at the same time, it was holding a wedding fair which was attended by Carla and Michelle Connor. The problem was that Tracy had recently discovered that Robert had had a fling with Carla and she was deeply suspicious that Robert's hurried phone calls to the hotel were to arrange another tryst.

Tracy walked up the counter while Robert was making arrangements for the room with the receptionist and his quick change of subject further aroused her suspicions. She asked outright if he had been flirting with the girl.

Later on, finding out that Carla was staying the same hotel, Tracy posed as a friend of hers to the receptionist in order to find out her room number and force a confrontation with Carla in private. Immediately afterwards, Robert checked his and Tracy's begs in and asked the receptionist to pass a message on to Sam Jones, a lady he had worked with in his capacity as a chef and who he knew was now employed by The Victoria in their kitchens.

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