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Receptionist (Episode 7078)
Occupation Hospital receptionist
First appearance 18th May 2009
Last appearance 21st January 2015
Number of appearances 2
Played by Sally Womersley

The unnamed Receptionist was working in the A & E department of Weatherfield General and was manning the desk in May 2009 when Fiz Brown arrived after receiving a phone call stating that John Stape had been admitted.

Anxiously, she approached the receptionist to inquire about John and, after finding out if Fiz knew which ward he was on and asking whether Fiz was his partner, the receptionist checked the "patient locator page" on her computer. She then told Fiz that if she was his partner, she'd understand that information as to which ward he was being treated on could not be divulged and he wouldn't be receiving any visitors - as a prisoner. When Fiz explained that she just wanted to find out if John was okay, the receptionist told her to ask his prison.

In January 2015, the receptionist was on duty at the hospital where the casualties were taken when the minibus driven by Steve McDonald carrying Carla Connor and the Underworld staff crashed off a country road en-route to the Marbury Hall Hotel. Following the admission of several patients, the receptionist was inundated by concerned friends and relatives making enquiries about Sinead Tinker, Kirk Sutherland, Alya Nazir, Sally Webster and Maddie Heath. Remaining calm and professional, the receptionist stated on more than one occasion that she could only deal with one enquiry at a time.

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