Reg 2085
Occupation Buyer
Spouse(s) Myra
First appearance 25th March 1981
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jim Marsh

Reg was a guest at Mike Baldwin's flat-warming party in March 1981. He was a buyer who Mike had dealt with previously and was invited with a view to further business with Baldwin's Casuals. Not a natural party-goer, Reg sat lugubriously staring at the gyrating backside of a lyrca-clad woman in front of him, moaning to Ken Barlow that it was just a sexual display that animals wouldn't indulge in and asking if he'd ever seen a giraffe behaving in such a fashion. Later on Reg fell asleep propped up against a wall. As some of the party went on to the Panda Club, Myra, his younger and slightly drunk wife, commented that he was a silly old sod who they could leave behind for all she cared.

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