Occupation Barman
First appearance 9th March 1970
Number of appearances 1
Played by Derek Williams

Reg was barman of the Robin Hood club where Stan Ogden called to see small-time impressario Mickie Malone about buying some of his songs which, in reality, had been written by Ena Sharples. Stan asked Reg for a pint while he watched an act being auditioned. Stan said the act was good but the barman reserved judgement, saying he was a bit off and not in the right mood that day. He muttered along, conceding that everyone has their off days, such as when he got up on the wrong side of bed on the Monday morning but his wife had said, “Never mind, Reg - even Monarch of t’Glen moults”. Reg confirmed to Stan that Mickie had had a visitor early on - a sharp dresser who was possibly the agent who was expecting to hear the new song that Stan had promised and which he had been unable to obtain from Ena.

The character was credited as "Barman" but his name was given in dialogue.

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