Reg Sudworth
Reg Sudworth
Residence 31 Hillside Crescent
First appearance 21st July 1980
Last appearance 6th August 1980
Number of appearances 2
Played by Peter Ellis

Reg Sudworth was the bullying boyfriend of Mrs Fletcher, the mother of two latch-key kids Sharon and Wayne. Reg moved in with their mother at 31 Hillside Crescent and therefore became a near-neighbour of Betty Turpin who had concerns when she saw the children out all hours without access to their house or money to buy food until their mother came home. Reg saw her questioning the children and told her to mind her own business but Ken Barlow advised her to report the matter to the N.S.P.C.C.

She did so and this brought a furious Reg round to Coronation Street looking for Betty. He called into the Rovers where an unsuspecting Fred Gee told him that Betty was helping out at the Corner Shop. He went there and started berating her by calling her an interfering bitch, not realising that Renee Roberts’s funeral tea was taking place in the back. Mourners Mike Baldwin and Eddie Yeats came to Betty’s rescue, Mike told him that he was just making a bad situation worse and Eddie advisied him what would harm could come to men in prison who abused kids. Reg left, telling Betty that she hadn’t seen the last of him. In fact he went home to Hillside Crescent and told Mrs Fletcher that he was leaving her. He packed his bags and departed.

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