Reginald Dancy
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 28th July 1971
Number of appearances 1
Played by John Pickles

PC Reginald Dancy came to Coronation Street in July 1971 to investigate a noise complaint made by Albert Tatlock's daughter Beattie Pearson. Ken Barlow, living in No. 3 had met up with two old friends, Dave Robbins and Tim Wade and they had resurrected the band they used to be in. Beattie and Albert found the noise intolerable and Albert and Ken had bitter words over the matter. Beattie rang the police and PC Dancy first called at No. 1 to hear fuller details. After going on at some length, Albert accused him of not being interested in what he was saying but PC Dancy claimed it was just his manner which his wife described as looking as baffled - he preferred "nonchalant".

He called into No. 3 with Albert in tow. Dancy had warned the old man to stay quiet but Albert repeatedly insisted that a summons be issued. Dancy sent them packing and then took an instant interest in Dave's guitar, strumming along with the band. Tim told Dancy he was better on the intsrument than Dave! Albert was listening through the walls next door and assumed he was conducting a noise test! Dancy told the band the case was more a matter for the Town Hall but to take it easier from now on. The three waited until he was well and then had one last loud blast on their instruments.

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