The unnamed Registrar and his assistant officiated at the wedding of Tim Metcalfe and Sally Webster in October 2015 which took place at Nick's Bistro.

There was considerable doubt in the minds of all but the bride as to whether the groom would actually turn up, since he had recently heard that Sally had kissed ex-husband Kevin Webster and had called the event off. Sally was in a positive frame of mind, that some thought delusional, and insisted on going ahead, sure that her intended would turn up. As the small party waited with differing degrees of patience, Sally tried to pass the time with the registrar by asking where his next function was and hoping that it wasn't too far away. He replied that she shouldn't worry about such things - yet. After waiting a considerable amount of time, Sally accepted the event wasn't going ahead but the registrar said that he could squeeze in a few more minutes before his next service which was due to take place at the new basketball stadium.

At the very last minute Tim turned up, convinced to attend by Kevin and Craig Tinker. Sally started to say her own vows but gave up, admitting that they came from an American website and asked if she could speak from the heart. The registrar agreed, so long as what she had to say was condensed. There was one dodgy moment when Tim's vows came out incorrectly (as a result of them being ripped up and then sellotaped together) and the line came out as "without you, life would be so perfect", causing the registrar's heart to skip a beat. but otherwise the much-delayed ceremony went off without a hitch.

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