Registrar 5615
First appearance 31st October 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Amanda Fairclough

Tracy Barlow had conned Roy Cropper into believing that he was the father of her unborn child and reached an agreement with him and Hayley to buy the baby for £20,000.00. They were worried that Tracy would renege on the deal and Hayley came up with the suggestion that Roy marry Tracy to give himself an extra claim over the baby and they would then get divorced when the deal was done. Roy and Tracy went to an appointment with the Registrar who saw them separately to take down their details and set the wedding date. Roy stumbled when asked if he was single and had to confess that he didn't know if his intended bride had a middle name. Tracy in her interview stated that Barlow was her maiden name which she had gone back to as soon as she could after her recent divorce from Robert Preston, "to try and forget the cretin I married" and then grew impatient at the further questions she was asked. The wedding date was duly set for 17th November.

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