Registrar 5774
First appearance 4th June 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by Carrie Davies

In May 2004, the stress of finding out that Todd Grimshaw, fiancé and father of her baby, was gay brought on Sarah Platt's labour three months early. She was rushed into Weatherfield General and an emergency caesarian was carried out however the baby proved to be too weak and he died a day or so later. The Registrar called at Sarah's bedside when Gail was there as both the birth and death had to be registered. What should have been a routine piece of administration developed into a ruckus when Todd came on the scene and insisted that he was registered as the baby's father. Gail flew at him and Sarah told the registrar that she couldn't deal with the matter and as the situation was Todd's fault, he should deal with it.

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