Registrar (Episode 6210)
First appearance 20th January 2006
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jacqueline Redgewell

The unnamed Registrar worked at Weatherfield Register Office and was on duty when Sunita Alahan attended to officially register the birth of her twins Asha and Aadi. The stern woman showed no sympathy towards Sunita as she offered her apologies for arriving late for the appointment as she'd firstly missed the bus and then struggled to drag the double buggy up the huge flight of stairs at the Registry Office.

With the procedure underway and the Registrar busily tapping away on her computer keyboard, she was far from impressed when Sunita made light of her line of questioning. However, the Registrar soon established that the births had already been registered the previous day by the children's father Dev, since the couple were separated at the time.

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