Registrar (Episode 7141)
Occupation Registrar
First appearance 14th August 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Charlotte West-Oram

The Registrar officiated at the wedding of Steve McDonald and Becky Granger which was held in August 2009 at Weatherfield Register Office.

On the couple's second attempt to tie the knot, Steve told the registrar to "get on with it" - and they hurriedly exchanged their vows in order to be married as quickly as possible - convinced that by doing so, nothing could go awry this time round. The ceremony went without incident (apart from the groom suffering an allergic reaction to his bride's feather boa).

After the registrar had pronounced the couple "husband and wife", Becky wanted to double-check that she and Steve were now legally married and felt obligated to check the paperwork.

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