Registrar 5627
First appearance 17th November 2003
Last appearance 17th November 2003
Number of appearances 2
Played by Trish Cooke

The Registrar was on duty at Weatherfield Register Office when Roy Cropper and Tracy Barlow conducted their sham wedding in November 2003. Tracy had conned Roy that she was pregnant with his baby (the actual father was Steve McDonald) in order to get £20,000 out of the Croppers by selling them the baby. To establish further legal rights over his unborn child, Roy insisted that Tracy married him and, with great reluctance, she agreed.

The Registrar greeted the Croppers upon their arrival, mistaking Hayley for the bride. She later ushered the party into the chamber for the ceremony at a point when Roy was voicing his doubts and then smirked with the Superintendent Registrar at what an odd couple they seemed to be marrying that day. During the ceremony, Roy broke down in tears at the thought of what he was doing and the Superintendent Registrar afterwards told her deputy that she found this to be quite sweet. The Registrar replied that she still reckoned he must be rich for Tracy to marry him…

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