Nurse 8232
Rehabilitation Nurse
First appearance 13th October 2013
Last appearance 14th October 2013
Number of appearances 2
Played by Heather Phoenix

The Rehabilitation Nurse attended to Nick Tilsley as he underwent his slow recovery in Weatherfield General after a car crash in August 2013. After several weeks in a coma, Nick came round and started to remember the events of the crash, which was caused by his half-brother David Platt.

The Nurse told Nick and Leanne Tilsley that if his recovery continued apace, he could be discharged in a week's time. He would still have to visit out-patients twice a week and an occupational therapist would have to visit his flat to inspect it prior to his return there. She did counsel that a return to work was about six weeks off and that they should both just get used to Nick's frustration and temper tantrums which were caused by his circumstances.

In the event, the consultants agreed that Nick could be released the next day although he confessed to the nurse that he didn't feel ready for the event. She suggested that he and Leanne discuss the matter while he practiced his walking along the corridor and she would let him know when she heard anything. He wad duly released shortly afterwards.

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