Rehabilitation Nurse 8224
Rehabilitation Nurse
First appearance 30th September 2013
Last appearance 30th September 2013
Number of appearances 2
Played by Annie Sawle

The Rehabilitation Nurse conducted Nick Tilsley's physiotherapy sessions in Weatherfield General following his car accident in August 2013. During one of them when he was bed-ridden and just out of a coma, he tried to speak to wife Leanne and the nurse told her that she needed to stay patient when she tried to encourage him.

When, later one, he did speak, it was to utter his brother, David Platt's name. The nurse was fetched who told Nick not to get too excited but he continued to utter David's name and the family thought he ought to summoned to the hospital to see him. What none of them knew was that it was David who had caused the car crash and when Nick came round again and saw David at his bed, he had a fit and started tearing off his monitoring equipment. The nurse and her colleagues settled him down as he went into a deep sleep once more.

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