The Removal Man and a colleague dropped off a load of sewing machines at Jim's Cafe when Mike Baldwin attempted to get back into the rag trade in 1990. Due to the tenant's association putting a block on him operating the machines in his flat, Mike was setting up in Alma Sedgewick's flat above the cafe. The removal man made a complaint when Alma asked him to carry the machines upstairs, but was abated when Mike told him there's be a drink in it for him and slipped him a banknote.

Two months later, Rita Fairclough hired him to transport stock when she was transferring The Kabin from Rosamund Street to its new premises in Coronation Street. Working the last shift at the old Kabin, Mavis Wilton was unimpressed when the man's first act on the job was to ask her for a brew. Nevertheless, they got the job done in a timely fashion and Rita gave him a large tip.