Removal man 2848
Removal Man
Occupation Removal man
First appearance 18th July 1988
Number of appearances 1
Played by Paul Walker

The Removal Man was sent by the council to move Percy Sugden from Coronation Street to 15 Parliament Street following his retirement from the post of caretaker at the Community Centre in July 1988. Percy had planned the move like a military operation but the man and his colleague turned up late due to not being able to find the street, earning Percy's ire from the get-go. He then made matters worse by asking Emily Bishop if the Corner Shop sold pies, noting that it was his dinner break in twenty minutes. Percy's disdain for the workshy man was reciprocated, with him commenting in the shop that after a dose of Percy he was starting to feel sorry for Hitler, much to Alf Roberts and Sally Webster's amusement.

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