Removal man 790
Removal Man
First appearance 10th July 1968
Number of appearances 1
Played by Keith James

The Removal Man and his colleague brought the summer sale at Gamma Garments to an impromptu end in July 1968 when on the orders of head office they suddenly appeared at the premises on Rosamund Street and started to transport the stocks and shelves into their van. Manageress Emily Nugent was alerted by assistant Lucille Hewitt and the two stopped the men, demanding to know what was going on. The man told them that they had been authorised by Mr Papagopolous himself leaving Emily no choice but to announce to the customers that the sale was over. As the final items were removed, Emily rang Mr Papagopolous who told her that she and Lucille were out of a job. Later on, they discovered that Papagopolous had been declared bankrupt and had fled the country.

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