Renee Turnbull
Renee Turnbull
Occupation Housewife
First appearance 1st December 1997
Last appearance 7th December 1997
Number of appearances 2
Played by Lynda Baron

Bored housewife Renee Turnbull made use of Alec Gilroy's Golden Years Agency in December 1997. Believing Ken Barlow to be the man who turned up as the escort at the posh hotel she was staying at, it was actually Jack Duckworth posing as Ken. Jack assumed Renee was going to be a glamourous young woman. However, when Jack found the amorous Renee too much to handle, he fled her hotel room semi-naked, leaving one of his shoes behind in the panic.

When Alec discovered that Jack had posed as Ken to meet Renee he was furious, but Jack maintained he had actually done Ken a favour as she would have eaten Ken alive!

Renee tracked Jack down at the Rovers to return his shoe, still thinking he was called Ken. Jack's wife Vera was alarmed to find the woman all over him and told Renee to keep her hands off her husband.

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