Occupation Reporter
First appearance 20th May 1994
Number of appearances 1
Played by David Caird

The Reporter was summoned to Coronation Street by Vera Duckworth in May 1994, to cover the story of her husband Jack's rooftop protest. Jack had spent the night on next-door neighbour Curly Watts' roof when the latter refused to allow him to retrieve his runaway pigeon Fergie from his observatory.

When Fergie flew home of her own accord, Vera encouraged Jack to climb down but he had become paralysed with fear and was unable to budge. Vera called the fire brigade to help him down, and also contacted the Weatherfield Gazette. The reporter arrived to interview Vera as Jack was being delivered back to earth by the fire brigade. Vera painted Curly as the villain of the piece.

The story appeared in the next day's Gazette, and dubbed Jack "The Bird Man of Weatherfield". Jack basked in his local fame. A month later, the story of Jack's exploits was picked up by a national newspaper, prompting his former mistress Dulcie Froggatt to sell her story of their torrid affair.

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