Reporter 971
First appearance 15th April 1970
Number of appearances 1
Played by Ray H. Dunbobbin

The Reporter worked for the Weatherfield Gazette and interviewed a willing Albert Tatlock in the Rovers following the unexpected death of David Barlow in Australia. Ena Sharples caught the end of their conversation as the reporter thanked Albert warmly for his information before he left. She took Albert to task for talking to the man as Ken Barlow had been trying to fend off similar enquiries all morning and wouldn't be pleased to know that his wife's uncle had been opening up to them. Ken was indeed angry when he saw the story in the paper, particularly as it mentioned Irma Barlow's reluctance to return down under after a Christmas visit the year before but the story had one good effect: readers read of the plight of the Ogdens in trying to raise the cash to go to their daughter in her time of need and Stan was flooded with money from well-wishers.

The role of the reporter was uncredited, both on screen and in "TV Times" but he was played by Ray H. Dunbobbin who appeared in two other parts in the programme that year and had also written for the show three times in 1962 and 1963.

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