Reporter (Episode 7227)
Occupation Weatherfield Gazette reporter
First appearance 11th December 2009
Last appearance 11th December 2009
Number of appearances 2
Played by Glenn Cunningham

The unnamed Reporter from the Weatherfield Gazette met up with Ken Barlow at the White Lion in Castlefield, Manchester with a proposition to cover the story of a proposed new bar opening up in Viaduct Street, Weatherfield.

The bar was the brainchild of Ken's son Peter and his girlfriend Leanne Battersby and bankrolled by his ex-wife's father, George Wilson - who had only recently been introduced to them. However, their plans came under fire by Ken and other Coronation Street residents when it was discovered that talks about planning were already underway and the new establishment would be in competition with the Rovers Return Inn.

Ken told the reporter that nobody wanted the bar and it would be disastrous for the local community. When asked why, as a part-time writer for the paper, he didn't want to write an article himself, Ken explained that the story would be better coming from someone more neutral on the permanent staff at the paper. The reporter suddenly remembered the fire which broke out at Peter's flat nine months previously and the underlying fact that Peter was in a drunken stupor when the blaze took hold.

Following their meeting, the reporter went to get Peter's side of the story. By his questioning, Peter soon realised that his father had given his colleague information and promptly went round to Ken's house where an argument ensued.

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