Rev Colin Green
Rev Colin Green
Occupation Vicar
First appearance 23rd May 2004
Last appearance 7th June 2004
Number of appearances 3
Played by Patrick Bridgman

The Reverend Colin Green was the vicar at St. Christopher's Church which was picked by Gail Platt and Audrey Roberts as a potential suitable venue for the wedding of Sarah Platt to Todd Grimshaw. The four visited there where the Rev Green spoke to the party but the conversation was very much between him and the three women with the future bridegroom being ignored until Gail remembered to introduce him. Todd was not happy through all of the discussions and back in their flat later he revealed the reason why - he was gay and in love with nurse Karl Foster.

Sarah, pregnant with their baby, was devastated and left the flat to return to her mother. A few days later, she returned to the church to cancel their wedding booking and poured her heart out to the vicar. He sympathised with, stating that what she was experiencing was analogous to grief and suggesting that the only way forward was to forgive Todd. At that point, Sarah erupted, making her hatred of her former fiancé quite clear.

A week later, the stress of the situation brought on Sarah's labour three months early and the baby, named Billy Platt, died soon after her emergency caesarean. The Rev Green ended up carrying out a funeral service for an infant rather than a wedding as he stood with the other mourners round the grave into which the coffin was lowered.

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