The Reverend Douglas at the Grawley Lane Chapel officiated at the wedding of Tyrone Dobbs and Kirsty Soames in January 2013. He first met the couple and their baby daughter Ruby the previous month at the pre-service talk when he tried to get to know the couple. Tyrone spoke of his own disturbed upbringing and how Jack and Vera Duckworth took him in and showed him how couples looked out for one another. As he broke down in tears, the vicar sympathetically told them of a rugby player who was in tears the day before and noted that the tougher the outside, then the softer the underbelly.

Just over a month later he watched as the proceedings descended into farce as Kirsty confronted Tyrone with his love for Fiz Stape and stalked out of the chapel.

The character was credited as "Vicar" and although his name wasn't given in dialogue, it was displayed on the noticeboard of the chapel as seen at the end of Episode 8044 (21st January 2013).

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