The Reverend Neafsey was the vicar of St. Mary's Church in Weatherfield in 1981.

Ken Barlow had married Valerie Tatlock at the church in August 1962 and he met the vicar to get his agreement for him to marry Deirdre Langton at the same place. Ken was a widower twice over but Deirdre had been divorced from Ray Langton, and on those grounds the vicar refused to marry the couple in his church. Ken didn't understand his reasons as Deirdre had been the innocent party in her divorce. The vicar did admit that he had the authority to marry divorced people should he choose but the fact was that he didn't. He did offer Ken a blessing in his church, however Ken and Deirdre found that the vicar of All Saints Church would marry them in a traditional service and they went there instead.

Credited as "Vicar", the character's name was given on the church signboard.