Reverend tippett
Reverend Tippett
First appearance 14th April 1997
Number of appearances 1
Played by Steve Tomlin

Reverend Tippett officiated at the funeral of Derek Wilton which took place at St. Peter and Paul Church in April 1997.

Derek's widow Mavis asked Ken Barlow to speak at the service and give a tribute to her husband but Ken found it difficult to find good words to say about someone who almost everyone regarded as being slightly pathetic. In the end, the eulogy was spoken by Norris Cole who was late at the church, barged past the coffin and beat Ken to the lectern only to speak with unintended insensitivity about "Dirk" and the way in which Mavis had once dumped him by the side of the motorway and forgotten his sixtieth birthday.

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