Richard Shaw (19th November 1920 - 11th April 2010) appeared in Coronation Street as Dan Johnson, a love interest of both Elsie Tanner and Bet Lynch in the first half of 1980.

He enjoyed a long career in film and television going back to the 1940s with very little experience on the stage. The films he appeared in during his first decade in the industry included Black Orchid, The Crooked Sky, Hidden Homicide and First Man into Space however he first came to prominence in 1959 when he played a memorable supporting role as Sladden, an electrician who becomes possessed by extraterrestrial forces in the BBC serial Quatermass and the Pit. Thereafter he worked a great deal for the BBC with another seven productions by the legendary Rudolph Cartier, director of the Quatermass serials, as well as series such as Z Cars, Doctor Who, Crossroads, Steptoe and Son, Freewheelers, numerous episodes of Dixon of Dock Green, and, for Granada, some of the final episodes of the Biggles series.

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