Rick Peach
Rick Peach
Occupation Vicar
First appearance 12th April 2009
Last appearance 24th December 2010
Number of appearances 2
Played by Nick Caldecott

Rick Peach was the vicar who officiated at the Easter Sunday service at St. Saviour's Church in April 2009. He encouraged people to bring their animals to the service, and Simon Barlow took his rabbit, Leanne. However, Blanche Hunt was not amused after she had trodden in dog excrement and accused Rick of using the animals as an excuse to enhance his congregation. Sophie Webster revealed that she wanted to be christened by Rick as he had bought Jesus into her life.

On Christmas Eve, 2010, he conducted a carol/memorial service at the viaduct end of Coronation Street, less than one month after the tram crash had taken the lives of four people. He spoke of the hope that people needed at such a time, led the singing and stood aside as Ken Barlow read out a poem to mark the occasion. The service was interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Tracy Barlow, newly released from Redford Prison.

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