Biker 7388 and 7389
First appearance 26th July 2010
Last appearance 26th July 2010
Number of appearances 2
Played by Greg Patmore

Ricky was a biker who chatted Liz McDonald up in when she served him in the Rovers. She was flattered but puzzled as he was the third stranger that day to chat her up and she put it down to using Becky McDonald’s perfume. What Liz didn’t know was that they were attracted to her because of messages she had supposedly left on the social networking website Facescene however this was an impersonation profile set up by Sean Tully in an effort to get in touch with Violet Wilson, the mother of his son Dylan. The mesmerised men were in fact responding to some of the racy comments Sean had posted in Liz’s name. Ricky stayed in the pub most of the day, winking at Liz at every opportunity and indulging in a bizarre conversation about his favourite vampire shows on TV. When he went too far though and slapped her backside as she walked past him, she angrily barred him. He responded in a surly manner that she was a lot frostier in the flesh and looked nothing like her picture before he walked out. Sean, overhearing this conversation, suddenly realised with a shock that he was the cause of these strange encounters.

Credited as "Biker", the character's name was given in dialogue.

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