Rik 8638
First appearance 13th May 2015
Last appearance 16th July 2015
Number of appearances 2
Played by Rob Law

Rik was a thug who was hired by Tony Stewart to frighten Liz McDonald into selling her half of the Rovers Return. Tony was in a secret relationship with Tracy Barlow and the two of them were plotting to con the Rovers from Steve and Liz. Steve had already been persuaded to sell his half-share to a front company that Tony owned and he now started to turn the screws on Liz. He paid Rik and another thug, Nev, to go into the pub and cause trouble. The two were deliberately rude to Liz, with Rik saying that the barmaids at The Flying Horse were much better looking and when Nev demanded that his bottle of beer was changed because it was flat, she refused. He dropped his bottle on the floor and she told them to leave but they attacked her instead, with Tony coming to the rescue and putting on a heroic act for her benefit. He then started to drip poison in her ear, suggesting that a life in Spain would be less stressful for her, in an attempt to get her to sell.

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